Sunday, 26 March 2017

What To Do

Subjectivity is the word of the month for me.

As someone who's trained in hardlined physiology, it's been a slow and interesting transition in to a world that starts to lose it's rational guidelines as far as working with people. I work under the umbrella of "BodyTalk", but there's generally more than that happening when someone comes in to see me.

The other day, I bumped in to one of my teachers from high school and had a great conversation with him regarding the psychology VS the systemic structure of teaching. He made mention of our capacity for empathy and how the state of the instructor will inevitably affect the entire room of people. I started to talk about Mirror Neurons and quickly stopped myself, because I realize I was only hinting at the whole truth of that idea.

The truth is that we don't yet fully grasp the entire scope of what humans are capable of. Today I posted a FAQ on BodyTalk hoping that would be enough of an explanation to pull some people in to try it out. Realistically though, the science behind what we're attempting to speak about is currently loose. I have complete faith that in my lifetime we'll actually see the evidence stack up for clarity on what transpires when we decide to sit together and ask what wants to happen VS dictating an ideal and hoping for the best.

I'm encouraged mostly by the rate that we keep discovering new and exciting things about the body and the mind - the Mesentery has been pronounced an official organ! We just discovered that the lungs play a huge role in blood production! What about our brand-new (ancient) Primo Vascular System? And what about the realization that we do indeed have lymphatics in the brain?!

These are just a few of the discoveries that will inevitably drastically change our perception of these machines we seem to inhabit and how we study their relationships. People sometimes ask me what a session looks like and I'm often reduced to a humble, "You'll have to come and see" because no matter which resource I quote or what kind of new science I want to paint it under, the reality of our interaction together is that on some level you're giving yourself permission to change. My explanation thereof does not change your experience. And in that state of openness wacky, sometimes unexplainable things happen... Though your evaluation and integration of that session ends up being completely subjective alongside the results and my perceived observations. 

While abroad recently, someone said something to me that really stuck. I'm paraphrasing here, but the message was that in all our efforts to be objective about one thing or another, we lose sight of the fact that our entire experience, objective or no, is subjective.

I'll leave you with a (completely subjective) testimonial from a recent client of mine. Astounding results, although the session would have appeared to have very little to do with the leg...

"Just a note to let you know my appreciation of your treatment yesterday. My leg feels normal this morning - it is a dramatic change; no buzzing, no odd sensations, no heaviness, no spasming hip muscles...empowering relief. I feel insulated and whole and supported on all levels. I sense immense processing occurring and am grateful, hopeful and inspired. These are all enormous gifts! Thank you for your help; your work is a blessing to our world."

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